About Us

Who we are? Intellectual property owners club Human rights NGO is a non-profit organization. Individuals and/or legal entities may be incorporated herein to satisfy their immaterial needs and to engage in public activity.

The goals and objectives of the IPOC NGO are:

  • To represent its members’ interests in state and international structures.
  • To support its members in the processes of IP rights registration, management, legal protection and preservation.
  • Provide information and advisory support to the members, including publications of informative materials, scientific and awareness events.
  •  Support creators, inventors, startups in creating and commercializing of intellectual property through donations, grants, and other sources of funding not prohibited by law.
  • Develop and install modern information systems for IP objects on a collective management basis.
  •  Develop and implement programs and services of general interest for the members.
Represent the interests of members
Support members
Provide information
Develop and implement exciting projects

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